Tera knows a secret…

Someone is going to die on election day. But that’s not what worries her.

She learned the secret from a dying spark, one of the fairy-like companions people in her world use to communicate, and she found the spark in her father’s office.

A radical leader is on the rise, and the old factions are determined to stop him at any cost. If anyone finds out her father’s involved, it might be the end of him. If anyone finds out what she knows, it might be the end of her.

The only way to keep her city, her family, and her life from ripping apart is to follow the spark deeper into this deadly game of politics that no one can know she’s playing.

Her only advantage is her obscurity. She has no following. No one listens to her or even knows her name. But that’s about to change.
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City Of Sound And Light

Your next favorite fantasy book!

The concept of sparks is flawlessly integrated into the story, and it is fascinating to see how they communicate with their person, with other people, and with other sparks...A deft writer, Dave Walker adds unexpected depth and intrigue to the story line. The City of Sound and Light is a perfect choice for those looking to find their next favorite fantasy book.

A convincing, serious, and suspenseful political thriller

Author Dave Walker has done a fantastic job with this truly unique young adult work, which manages to weave a convincing, serious, and suspenseful political thriller into the magical dystopian setting of Misso and the Median League...I would highly recommend City of Sound and Light as a promising start to an accomplished new YA series, filled with original, engrossing ideas.

Reader's Favorite
A must read!
Dave Walker has created an immersive fantasy world that feels eerily familiar, and in so doing he has crafted a prescient vision of society completely connected. Through a young woman’s eyes we ponder the ever-growing tensions looming between technology and humanity, knowledge and power, fear and love. A must read!
Kat Barringer
Utterly Original!
Dave Walker has weaved together a fantasy world full of twists and turns, secret plots, and bold characters. By the end you won’t know where you stand, but you’ll be reaching for the next book!
Isabela Schiavon